Borders Conference

The Borders Conference seeks to facilitate interaction between various stakeholders in the management of our borders. Invitees include:

  • Academic experts
  • Security and strategic studies experts
  • Representatives of security forces
  • Intelligence experts
  • Officials from Home and External Affairs Ministries
  • Officials from State Governments
  • Representatives from border-villages
  • Political and media leaders from the border areas
  • NGOs
  • Refugee representatives

The borders that will be covered in this conference are as follows:

Indo-Pak borders:
–in Kutch area of Gujarat
–in Rajasthan
–in Punjab
–in Jammu and Kashmir
LOC in Jammu and Kashmir

Indo-Tibet borders:
–in Jammu and Kashmir (LAC)
–in Himachal Pradesh
–in Uttarakhand
–in Sikkim
–in Arunachal Pradesh

Indo-Nepal borders:
–in Uttarakhand
–in Uttar Pradesh
–in Sikkim

Indo-Bhutan borders:
–in West Bengal
–in Assam
–in Arunachal Pradesh

Indo-Bangladesh borders:
–in Tripura
–in Meghalaya
–in Assam

Indo-Myanmar borders:
–in Arunachal Pradesh
–in Nagaland
–in Manipur

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