Evangelism: Impact on Indigenous Tribes of India

A two-day National Tribunal was organised in Lok Kala Manch, on 5th and 6th September, 2011 at New Delhi wherein over 150 representatives from various tribe groups from all over India participated. They voiced their views against the phenomenon of ‘forced conversion’ into Christianity by aggressive Evangelist groups.
The Tribunal was led by Shri. P.C. Dogra, former Director General of Police, Punjab. The members of the Jury were:

  • Air Marshal R.S. Bedi
  • Col. P.K. Panda
  • Binod Bawri
  • Swami Shantatmananda
  • Justice V.K. Gupta
  • Justice D.S. Tewatia
  • Ashok Malik
  • Usha Goyal
  • J.K. Bajaj
  • Suresh Soni
  • K.P.S. Gill
  • Bhavdeep Kang, and
  • Amb. Prabhat Shukla

The findings, observations and excerpts of the transcript have all been compiled and published by India Foundation. This report can be found here.


Shri. P.C. Dogra with Ms. Bhavdeep Kang


The tribals staging a protest


The tribals staging a protest

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